Clues to find heavy hammer?

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I am  currently in desolation point (survival mode) and I'm  looking for a heavy hammer. Anyone who could give me a clue to where to go? (No spoilers please)

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What difficulty are you playing?  In Interloper, the hammer does not spawn in Desolation Point or Forlorn Muskeg.  If you're playing Interloper, look around Coastal Highway.  Check cars and fishing huts.

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I always seem to find one in DP at the whale processing or on the Riken, in Coastal Hwy at the gas station neighborhood or at the far end fishing village, also FM usually has one and BR either at the maintenance shed or lodge. 

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just in case you haven't located the heavy hammer yet...

I typically find it sitting on the base of the pegboard racks on either side of the "doorway" directly across from the fire barrel.  sometimes, it is nestled behind one of the upright pallets, easy to over look even when carrying a torch.  I've also discovered it in the tool chest right located in the transition mine right as you enter DP. 
on a few rare occasions I have found it near the boiler in the Ryken.  
good luck in your search and happy forging!  ⚒️

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