revolver over rifle

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On 7/20/2021 at 4:26 PM, Leeanda said:

Try killing a bear or moose with revolver!  Before it kills you😀

of course not. What I am asking is do you really carry rifle and revolver? I for myself carry revolver as it usually has more ammo and 2.5kg lighter compared to rifle. Surely if you are out hunting for a bear you'd bring a rifle.


you dont carry all items with you all the time do you?

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I always carry the rifle  whatever I'm doing but the revolver only at certain times because it's really only used for bunnies and occasionally deer! Unnecessary weight for small prey! Admittedly I used to carry both all the time with all ammo but realized it's not necessary!

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I have gotten very good at bagging wolves with the revolver. Ammo is more plentiful for the revolver and even if I miss it scares Ole Fluffy off. I lave the rile home unless I am going for big game. Mostly I hunt rabbits with rocks and deer with the bow.

Ammo is rare and precious, rocks are free and everywhere.

Happy hunting!

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