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Several things, probably more QoL, maybe not all consistent with the title.

1.  Extend the "place" function to items (single items/unstacked/whatevers) in inventory.  E.g. so I can "take" a hacksaw from inventory and "place" it on a work bench instead of having to drop it  on the ground/floor/snow then "place" it.  I would assume that stackable items might eventually come under the "place from inventory" in some fashion, but single, unstackable items might be a first step. Might be a similar issue to the food part of the radial menu regarding inadvertent consumption of unsuitable food items but that could be worked out.

2. Inside a location, like the Cannery Worker's Residence or the Homesteader's Respite cabin, for instance, places like the open wardrobe should either be made functional (by default or by player action - admittedly a more complex thing to implement) or capable of being broken down into materials.  There is an wardrobe with open doors, coat hanger laying in the bottom, with a drawer below that that is ajar, and it is entirely inert.  Can put something in the bottom but the coat hanger can block its placement.  Can't harvest it for reclaimed wood or anything. 

Similarly, metal bed frames (not suitable for resting) should be detectable and therefore should be available for being broken down, like the bunk bed frames, etc., at Hibernia or at the Hunting Lodge. 

3. Contact with the bed in the Angler's Den cabin should not be blocked by the metal bunk bed frame.  If I touch the bed or metal bed frame,  unless there was some other necessity, I should be touching the "bed".   After all, I am looking for the bed.  It can be difficult to locate the bed in the dark  as it momentarily flashes on screen as one flails about in the dark.  

It would be nice, but the devs do have a lot of other things to do. 🙂

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Regarding point 1: I'd like to see an extension of the "hold items in your hand(s)" system, which only works with some items like rifle, stones, etc.:
1. You can replace the current take and place system. It's pretty unintuitive that you can take a can or whatever walk the stairs up with it and right click for it to appear where you picked it up. Regarding potential lower speed when transporting for example a rifle that way, this point becomes even stronger (like you really have the rifle in your hand). The proposed system just does it the same way without the ability to let the item snap back to it's original position. When you pick it up, it's in your inventory. This would go along with your first point.
2. It could make hunting/defending more interesting. Like if you think there could be wolves nearby, you take the hatchet in your hand or knife or whatever and that would be the weapon to fight with. I like that idea because it would be another decision to carefully make and could reduce stress in the struggle, when there are 5 options and you got to choose which weapon to use. But I wouldn't change the struggle system itself.
A nearby idea would be to use the selected tool for interactions like cutting wood or metal shelves but I think, that would be unnecessarily complicated. (Maybe make the tool in your hand preselected)

Key bindings: "put away" would work the same. The selected item would just not be selected and still be in your inventory.
Item interaction with now usable items would then be the same (thinking of rifle, stones etc.)
There would be a button to switch to placement mode. Then you can place with left and abort with right.

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