A game for all: Where am I? [No achievement or price yet]

Orwell 1984

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Here is the deal.

Everybody who wish to participate takes 2 screenshots in game.

One with coordinates on it F8.

And one without coordinates on it F9.

You try to guess the location of the actual picture, or you reply on it with a similar picture with coordinates on it from the exact location.

Here is my starting one, it is pretty easy to help you get started.

Where am I?


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Do you want to challenge me? ;p

(Btw, shouldn't it be my turn to post a screenshot if my answer was correct?^^)

You have the whole map in your head I bet.

Finally somebody would take the leading role from me, yes, post one for us.

(Iam out of pictures, dunno when I will be able to play it again)

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