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Drop one near a wolf and walk away. They will eat the decoy instead of you

They are more tricky to use than in the past. You used to be able to drop one, wait and just shoot them right in front of you. That no longer works. If you stay near the decoy they'll ignore it.

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On 5/19/2021 at 11:03 PM, Nightcrawler said:

What do decoy's do? Any ideas how to use it effectively?

They distract wolves from you but, as Serenity said, only if you are not too close to it. So if a wolf locks onto you you can run and drop the decoy which should give you a decent chance he will take it and leave you alone.

Honestly, since the change I usually just use the decoy key to drop all meat before I go inside so it lasts longer.

But now that I think of it, I use the decoy sometimes when I do not have Archery level 5 yet.

  1. Attract wolf
  2. drop decoy and move away from wolf and decoy
  3. when he is almost at the decoy: crouch
  4. he loses interest in me and the decoy
  5. shoot him in the back with little risk for my health

It works but it seems like a bug to me...

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I would like that at least in the game options they give you the possibility to use them as before, now they are useless and if a wolf catches you it is very likely that you will end up fighting with them hand to hand they are harder they have super powers they are many and now without the lures it is much more difficult to cope with them.

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