Change difficulty after completing episodes?

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I’ve been playing the Long Dark for three weeks now, and I’m currently really struggling with getting the last survivor back to the base (episode 3). The weather is bad, my condition isn’t great, I’m almost out of food and keep getting attacked by timberwolves. I’ve been stuck at this part for hours and I’m starting to get pretty frustrated :-) I know you can’t change difficulty midgame, but I was wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to restart just this episode in an easier mode? (Because I already completed the first two episodes and you can’t go back after that) Please let me know! 

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I think it is only possible to restart from scratch. But You can take Your time and improve Your shape, before You tackle the remaining survivors.
The timberwolves attack as soon as You carry a survivor back to the city hall. Try to fend them off with flares or the revolver. Drop the survivor and fight the wolves, then continue. The pack morale is shown as a red bar. Shooting them or hitting them with a flare throw will lower the morale. Remember to pick up the flare after throwing, by the way 😉

Check the water need of the survivor, as this is depleeting quite fast. 

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