Please rotate dropped Matches


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We all know it. We've all been there:

You play on Interloper and find hundreds of matches that you don't wanna take with you because why? You save on them and only ues your magnifying lens even if it means eating cat tails for a day because you can't start a fire during a blizzard. So you drop your spare matches on the ground, neatly put them into a shelf and then this happens:


Why are they upside down? That really bothers me for no actual reason.

Look from below:


Ok. That's all


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I've seen it... doesn't bother me in the least.   It might indeed be intentional to make them harder to spot. 

My mom used to tell me that bread always landed butter-side down and I was say she was right more than the expected 50% of the time... So... maybe they're using a similar principle - Matches always place label-side down.

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