Nintendo Switch: Keep Dying - loosing health


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Dear all,

i just started the game and watched some videos before.

However i keep loosing health in a rapid way. Hunger and thirst is satisfied, and still i keep losing health. 

With 25% health i nearly made it from the plane to the radio tower to grey mothers house...

I died in the bed then by sleeping.


What do i wrong?


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Im on PS4 but I assume the story mode starts out the same. I started on easy to learn the game. These games can be so confusing! Your left hand is injured and you have to apply a bandage. Search around the crash site. Bring up the menu wheel, select the first aid symbol. If you have a Bandage it will give an option to heal the left hand. The first time I played I had stepped in a fire so i had a burn i couldn't heal. If you get burned, use pain killers. Just a tip to save you time if it happens. You can also craft bandages but I didn't try early in the game. I hope this helped you.

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8 hours ago, Kra3h said:

I died in the bed then by sleeping

Welcome @Kra3h. If you have maintained hunger and thirst, then you are likely losing condition, (Health), due to exposure to cold.

Also, you may need to check the survivors condition for "health risks" such as infection/pain/sprain/bleeding.

Because your survivor died while sleeping, it is very likely the bed was not keeping your survivor warm enough likely due to wet clothes.

It's all rather common sense but it can also be a lot to keep track of at first. As you play more it will become part of your playstyle and routine. 

Good luck my friend. :coffee:

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If you go into your inventory and select the first tab at the top, it will indicate all the affliction you have, negative ones are either yellow or red in color, hovering over each affliction will indicate the cause, and treatment. As a new player I would recommend turning on HUD to always on. Idk where it is in options ill send a message when I find it

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Ok the location of the setting it pause menu > options > display > HUD type > switch to "always on" . This will allow you to always see your temp, fatigue, food, water and condition (health bar). I would also highly recommend looking on the wiki for more info on afflictions, how they are caused, and how to avoid them. The Long Dark has a big difficulty curve, playing story mode to get a feel for the mechanics is important. Survival mode is extremely difficult for new players, so get acquainted with the game before trying it.

Good luck out there!


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