Altitude Effected Temperature + Death by Frozen Lung


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These are ideas that I have had for a while now strictly for being added to the Custom Game Settings. Want to know what all your thoughts are.
These ideas are
#1 Death by Frozen Lungs
There is this thing where if you run in frigid temperature for long enough to dramatically increase your breath rate in sub zero temperature (carrying/moving very heavy stuff can do this to), your lungs could freeze causing you to die. I'm not sure how true this is or how cold it would have to be for this to happen, but it would be great if that was a risk in the game with some kind of indicator warning. As Custom Game Setting. For extra challenge. 

#2 Altitude effecting the temperature - An example of this would be: The bottom of a canyon or mountain would be the normal temperature for that weather/time of day but the top of a canyon or mountain would have a colder temperature, if you were to be there at that exact same moment. As opposed to what I think the game does, which is: the temperature is effected by the weather/time of day and it is that same temperature on the whole region at that moment - so even if you (with very little weight) climbed a tall mountain very quickly OR ran down a mountain very quickly you'll find that the temperature is the same before the climb or the decent.

Another way to test this is with the climbing rope. All though judging from the length of the climbing rope, it doesn't seem like it is enough of an altitude difference for there to be a noticeable temperature change - a better example would be in Ash Canyon on the way to the Gold Mine, there is a rope climb followed by an unusually high rope climb. The temperature at the very top (after climbing) should be noticeably colder than before the climb or visa versa climbing down it should be warmer at the very bottom compared to before the decent.  

It seems like I have covered great altitude change in very little time in the past and noticed no change in temperature. but I will test this more to see if I can find what appears to be altitude effected temperature. My idea would include x1, x2, x3 and x4 amplifier/modifiers for altitude effected temperature making altitude temperature drop greater. In the Custom Game Settings. For extra challenge. (x1 being default or off)
There is a lot to consider with this turned on as it would, in a sense, overhaul the temperature system as some places (probably many) at high altitude would have a consistently colder temperature, frigid in some places, making it difficult to stay warm in certain places that didn't used to be challenge in staying warm if you had decent gear and Custom Game Freeze Rate on low or medium.

An extension of this setting would be for structures at a really high altitude like Foreman's Retreat or the Trailer by the train tracks in Coastal Highway (basically any structure in a altitude effected zone) the indoor temperature would have a lower base temperature.

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