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Last week i was out shopping and because of easter and stuff like that i got a free scratch card. I thought it was some stupid shampoo you could win but i took the scratch card anyway. Upon further investigation i realised you could win good prices. It was on your next shopping run you can get 10% 20% or 50% discount. But only on 3 particular days. Wow i thought and scratched it. I got 20 % discount. Last day for shopping was today. So i head out to the big shopping mall that lies far away on the other side of the city center compared to smaller shopping mall that lies close by. I was going shopping. I went on the bus and about 1,5 hours later i was home again. So here is what i brought home 😄😄😃 - the pictures are blurred because when i came home i was shaking for some reason. Ive never bought so much food in one go before. 😜 There are like about 138 US dollars of food there and other items. So yeah this weekend im just gonna stay inside and enjoy my stash

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