When Does Crafted Clothing Start Decaying?

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Does stored clothing decay apply before a crafted item is complete?

An example: let's say I have the supplies to make a bearskin coat. I start the process and almost finish the coat; but, something happens and I have to deal with a problem for a few days. Now when you are crafting something currently, the craft-in-progress item would appear as a "new bearskin coat" at condition 100% of course. According to the decay rate listed here: https://thelongdark.fandom.com/wiki/Decay a bearskin coat would decay at .133% per day, or .266% in interloper.

So say I come back to finish the coat 5 days later. My question is would I find the "new bearskin coat" at 99% or 100%? Perhaps it even depends on how close to being finished it is?

If no one knows, I'll try this out and post here with the results.

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