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5 types of arrow heads: metal, stone, bone, glass, wood. Each of these materials already exist abundantly in the game.

Pros/cons:                                                 1. Metal: longest lasting (indestructible), greatest damage, requires a forge. 

2. Stone: requires stone napping as a skill, requires work bench and red tool box, not indestructible like metal but will last 2 or 3 arrow shafts, slightly lesser damage than metal.  

2b. Bone: requires harvested bones, work bench and red tool box, similar to stone they will last multiple arrow shafts but not indestructible and slightly lesser damage than metal. 

3. Glass: requires a work bench and blue or red tool box, breaks with arrow shaft, will not kill or cause bleed out of bears/moose. 

4. Wood: requires only a knife/axe and work bench, will only kill rabbits and cause deer and wolves to bleed out but not one shot kill them. Wolves will charge regardless of being hit. 

I’ve mentioned stone arrow heads in other posts/comments and have seen others mention sharpened wooden tips so I thought the idea might grant a discussion.  Also stone napping as a skill could open up a whole new type of crafting, stone tools like knives and axes for example. 

Cheers y’all. 

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Yes for shure i would like one or two more Arrow types but not 5.

I dont think the wood type is necessairy beacause it would simply be uselles (rocks already kill rabits and they require n ocraft) neither the stone one as it would require a whole new branch of skill and would do the same as a metal one + it is too easy to get and too much reusable.

For the bone one I would make it break with the shaft the first time. and it should be craftable without a workbench (only a tool box or a knife) and it should make less damage and will not make animals bleed out entirely if you did not shot at the right place. 

For the glass one i think it is a good idea. Although it should break the tip instantly if you miss your shot.

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