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11 hours ago, hozz1235 said:

Gives a significant warmth bonus when immersed but suffer from wet clothes (if worn) and possible hypothermia if exposed too long after exiting.

That could be cool. They could make a new affliction for that.

Wet - The player character is wet due to having submerged themselves in the waters of a hot spring. Increased heat loss and increased risk of hypothermia until you dry yourself up. Of course this affliction would only be given to you if you submerged yourself sufficiently inside the hot spring's waters, and its negative effects will only come into effect once you exit the water.

To counteract the Wet affliction:

  • Just wait on a dry surface for your character to dry up. Heat (like from a fire) helps speed up the process.
  • Put some clothes on. Of course, while your character is wet, their clothes will gradually become wetter as well. The innermost layer of clothing will be wettened first. Having clothes on also speeds up the drying process and helps counteract the affliction's heat loss and increased hypothermia risk, but the wettening of your clothes causes a whole other problem for you to deal with.



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Great idea for a new, perhaps small, region possibly connecting Broken Railroad with Mountain Town or Des Point with Timberwolf Mountain. 

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