6 out of 15 completed!

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man, this challenge does tell you to travel and (maybe a little) hunt, to end it. it was a good one though, and to be honest I did rush it a bit, because i'm paranoid about time limits in long dark.

anyways, that one was a little easy. ( I think difficulty meters should be readjusted 😜) well i'm not stopping any time soon, I still have lots to do, and much to complete.

like the next challenge "As the dead sleep" should be a spooky one.


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Great job! :) 

I too was able to beat the "Whiteout" challenge pretty easily (I think it took me like 6-7 in-game days to beat it). I didn't even get to see a blizzard in that challenge lmao.

8 hours ago, WinterFox said:

like the next challenge "As the dead sleep" should be a spooky one.


All I have to say is good luck. I fear to do that challenge, as the difficulty is even harder than Interloper settings (Which I thought Interloper was already pretty challenging when I tried that difficulty for the "Face the Impossible" achievement).

I believe you can't regen health from sleeping in that challenge, so the only way to gain health is emergency stims. And since it is harder than Interloper and there is barely any clothes, freezing is going to kill you VERY fast AND you can't gain health from sleeping. This is going to be a VERY difficult challenge.

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