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well that was fast. if I sayed that, that challenge is the shortest one would I be right? it took me less than 2 hrs (I think). and the end is still to come. I hear there is a third chapter to this story, but it has not been released.

well that was fun, ok up next is "whiteout". I have to survive a deadly blizzard🥶 and stock up on everything. food, water, fire fuel, etc. this is going to be a nightmare.

but again I have experienced worse, and i'm sure I can make it. if there is any tips for this challenge please tell me.


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3 hours ago, WinterFox said:

I have to survive a deadly blizzard🥶

Unfortunately you don't. The blizzard is just the story excuse for the time limit. But you don't have to live through it. It's an interesting challenge and teaches you Coast Hallway, but it's pretty easy.

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