Sleepwalker Run w/Rifle


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ok, time for a new challenge. Not trying to be mr tough guy but vanilla Loper, while still a challenge has run it's course with me for a while.

I wanted to up the challenge a bit because the starve day/sleep heal mechanic just doesn't work for me anymore. I wanted to trade that in for something as close to "real" as i could think.

So i am doing Sleepwalker level 1, as indicated in this link.


It's very much like interloper but no sleep heal. You can heal slightly during the day though and i can birch tea as well because i don't want an early wolf hit to destroy me.

However, there's plenty of danger, plus the awful cold. I allowed myself the rifle because it's certainly plausible that you could find one in the great north. and keep in mind, the item decay is massive and on the low resource settings there is not gun cleaning possible. If you find a rifle, great but it'll be at 30% condition and you might have to go all the way to the Inlet to restore it.

i turned off intestinal parasites because why would predator meat cause that but not deer? I mean, if the meat is cooked, it should be eaten.

I also turned off cabin fever because it is stupid and unrealistic. Maybe if you could set it to 50 days stuck in a cabin or something but you can't.



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Day 1 - Mountain Town start. Stuck down near the plane crash of course.

cold but not freezing yet.



oh, i also am making this run without checking any loot tables. If you don't know what they are, you can find the information all over the place.

it's not really cheating but once you find one decent item on Loper, you can use them to determine which maps have the other items and what their locations are. This run, i would like to be pleasantly surprised. Hopefully, there's a bedroll around here somewhere...


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Still Day 1 - Made it out of the plane crash and into the town. Stoned a bunch of rabbits and also used rocks to chase the wolf away after he killed two for me.

found a Mack jack in the credit union safe but as soon as i step outside, i've got hounds on my trail. going to chill at grey mother's tonight and harvest my 6 rabbits and let them cure  there while i explore the map tomorrow.

also, no crowbar to be found so the gas station is out of reach now.



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Cooked a ton of rabbit and made gallons and gallons of water. Nice that there were matches up on the counter.

It took about 9 hours to do all the skinning so Day 2 is pretty much a wash.

found some decent food items too. Maple syrup and ketchup chips mostly. Enough to get through today and tomorrow for sure.

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Day 3 - spent the night at the farm. Picked up some 50% cans of food, a thin wool sweater and a down vest to go under the mack jack. Not bad.

got the mag lens in town but no other good items.

taking advantage of decent weather to head up to the church now.

pea soup fog. Gonna make it up on memory.



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Made it up the hill no prob and as i neared the church i heard that familiar sound of a deer going down by way of wolf.

found him on the road in front of the church and chased him a way with a stone. Lit up a fire with one of my trusty books. So much meat but it takes soooo damn long without a tool.

still, gotta do it. 8.5 KG.


hopefully the weather doesn't shift and blow my fire out...



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AM Day 4 - got my cooking 2 from reading a book and Well Fed bonus from all the cattails and that generous deer.




which is timely because in the church i got my rifle. Heavy and heck and no bullets but it's something.




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I got a wolf behind me and grizzly in front of me so i wasted some time collected tails down in the little canyon. when i came back up, it was foggy because of course it is.

didn't hear the bear again though and i really want to head forward and sleep in the cave for the night before heading back into town tomorrow.

my expert tracking skills tell me that i am zigging and he is zagging so i should be ok.



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Day 5 - made it back to town only to find my hides just about 60% cured. i can either chill a few more days and eat up my food reserves or risk the gas station, where i have no prybar.

I did pick up the hacksaw though so score!


busy hiding from wolves now.image.thumb.png.20aa72ab1289bc6997a6f465fa196cff.png i must smell i



I must smell like breakfast, lunch and dinner.




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long story short, i headed up to the gas station with a wolf on my tail smelling like a bloody mess. I tried to find the prybar by the little porta potties and the car near the station...nothing.

wolf still wolfing me so i had him tail me into the wood lot where there was some deer and he got distracted and chased them. Victory one.

i had some time so i tried the old prison bus and victory #2



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Day 8 - made it to Trappers and finished off my rabbit hat and gloves. Even picked up another thin wool sweater on the way. Not doing too bad.

got a bunch of stuff curing now. Need to find me a hammer to make my tools though.


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Sorry, a week in and these settings are not what i am looking for. I want to play with the rifle but i want a real hardcore challenge and this one wasn't that. It's not cold enough and there is too much food.

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In the link you gave, the challenge seems to be all interloper's settings, customized only for a few.
So no rifle. And cold.
Still, you can choose to also change the rifle setting to play with it, and make the challenge your own. But with the rest on interloper, it may not be so easy.

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  • 5 months later...

The codes (hashes) provided may not be valid in 2021.

Many updates have seen changes in custom codes, so I guess they would still be valid only in a 2018 time-capsule game.

I was also suprised in your screenshots that you're not freezing waiting in a car. When I played it the scrappy clothes weren't implemented, did you craft them? Or maybe Interloper is less cold in the beginning than before? No idea.

A good challenge that might be for you @Dalos would maybe to not use the codes but make the custom directly in-game from Interloper settings at Sleepwalking7 level. Also at that time Birch Tea didn't exist so I would set both sleeping and awake recovery to "None".

But clearly once you're OK in a DMC, Sleepwalking would be easier.

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