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Once you complete a challenge, there isn't much motivation to do it again. I propose that once you complete a challenge, more challenges based off of the the original challenge, let me explain.

For example, if you complete Hopeless Rescue for the first time, you will get the badge, but also unlock conditional challenges, such as complete Hopeless Rescue, but without using guns, or complete Hopeless Rescue, but the dam is locked, meaning you cant use it to get to Pleasant Valley, etc.

This would apply to all challenges, and there would be 2-3 types modifications to the original challenge. 

Badges: The first badge will remain the same, completing the challenge for the first time. But there will be another badge called <challenge name> mastery badge, (Hopeless Rescue Mastery Badge, for example). This badge would be acquired by completing all of the different conditional challenges for that category.

This means there will now be 2 badges for each challenge, one for first completion, and one for completing all of the sub-challenges in that category.

As for what each of the conditions for the challenges are I will leave that up to you, comment below what conditions that could be added to each challenge to make it harder. (2-3 sub challenges for each challenge)

Here are the ones I would like to see

  • Hopeless Rescue
    • Guns do not spawn, and the flare gun case only has one shell in it (which you have to use at the end)
    • The door to the dam is locked, and the winding river cave (on both ends) is blocked, meaning you will have to go through Costal Highway.
  • Nomad
    • There are 3 more locations to visit, and they are in far off regions
    • You must stay 4 days at each location, and only have 70 days to complete the challenge (4 days x 15 locations = 60 days, + 10 for moving in between)
  • Whiteout
    • You will only have 25 days to complete it, and loot spawns 5% less frequently
  • Escape the Dark Walker
    • Campfires do not have loot next to them (except for the page and glyph spray) they last half as long, and are half as warm.
    • Fog appears 15% faster, the dark walker moves 10% faster, and glyphs have a 15% shorter duration
  • Hunted Part One
    • The flare gun does not spawn (yes it is possible)
    • The Winding river entrance is blocked (meaning you have to go to coastal highway, then the ravine)
  • The Hunted Part Two (spoilers)

    Wolves are not scared of the bear at all, and you get less ammo for the gun


All interior locations are blocked and inaccessible (except for the trappers place)


  •  You have a time limit (idk how long)
  • Guns do not spawn, and all loot it 15% less frequent 

As the Dead Sleep

  • The stim does not spawn (Have fun with that)
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