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I can not find anything to clean the rifle with at Mystery Lake and so far not at maintenance shed in the broken railroad map. The maintenance shed was suggested on https://gameplay.tips/guides/995-the-long-dark.html which is four years old and highly likely to be way out date. The rifle is at 35% and if I use it, I loose it  and that sucks. So where can I find a cleaning kit? Update found a cleaning and now it is down to 25% and need to find a new one.

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Cleaning kit availability will depend on random spawn chances and difficulty setting chosen.

Maybe try other regions too or if your gun is dangerously close to being ruined, perhaps best to travel to bleak inlet and restore it back on a milling machine, but you will need some other ammo to fend off timberwolves in the cannery yard. It isn't a simple walk-in. Be prepared for war.

Another option is to create a bow and arrows to use as alternate weapon. Need maple sapling(cured) and gut(and crafting table). But to make arrows, you'll need a forge to make arrowheads. For that you'll need coal to bring it up to high temp. For arrow shafts, you'll need birch samplings and also feathers. Those can be found near dead animals or corpses

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A rifle in that poor of shape, I'd probably leave behind to be honest. I'd move on and keep looking. If you're in Mystery Lake, I'd suggest Pleasant Valley as your next target. Between the farmhouse and outbuildings, not to mention the two hunters blinds, you've got a really good shot of finding a better rifle as a wholesale replacement for the one you currently have, in addition to cleaning kits and more ammo.

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If your playing in stalker then you can find 1-6 rifles in Mystery Lake there's one at the lonely cabin,  just around the bend behind the camp office, there are two to three in the weapons bunker, one in the derailment, one in the trapper's homestead and Carter Hydro Electrical Dame and I feel like I am forgetting one and basically all those places can have a cleaning kit with or instead.

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