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  • Add sausage links that can be made out of all the meats in the game
    • They will be made out of one type of meat (that will be grinded) and guts. Sausage links will be made out of 1 raw guts and 3 raw grinded (insert meat type here). 5 sausage links will be made. Each sausage link will give 1.15x how ever much a normal piece cooked meat of that type gives (Ex: Cooked Black Bear calorie amount [at cooking level 1]: 900 calories, Cooked Black Bear Sausage Link [at cooking level 1] 1035 calories). 
      • You will be able to grind meat by using a hand cranked meat grinder that is found in kitchens in large houses (such as Gray Mother's house, etc.) but the meat grinder cannot be picked up. 1 raw meat makes 1 raw grinded meat.  
    • They will be cooked by adding the raw sausages into boiling water that is potable. 
      • A "cook food" option can be added when a pot of water is boiling and potable so you can cook the raw sausages. 
    • It will give more calories than what ever meat it is made out of normally gives but it will dehydrate more.
    • It will give off less smell than normal cooked meat.
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I like the idea of crafting sausage. 

The hand-cranked grinder should be portable, but weigh 10kg.

I would love to add empty can + scrap metal + cooked sausage ----> craft a 'canned sausage' to preserve it a long time.

It'd be great to harvest a whole bear or moose carcass, grind it up, and preserve it in cans and sausages. I love building up a 'home base' to launch expeditions from.

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15 hours ago, Omnijack said:

The hand-cranked grinder should be portable, but weigh 10kg.

When i was a child, we had a small grinder at home. It was a very old portable hand-cranked grinder, that weights only ~2kg, but depends on a solid table to attach.

Maybe having one so small that depends on a game workbench to use could balance things a bit.

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I love the idea of sausages!  yum!

It would be enough work just to introduce another object like the "sausages" into the game by having to model and paint the before and after cook objects let alone design and build the grinder that would be needed in OP's suggestion.  I'd be happy to just see the recipe option pop up when I click on my cookpot and then the sausages just appear in my cookpot minus the meat and gut from my inventory.  



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I agree with the majority of the people here, this sounds like a great idea! I do see a way it could be improved upon, though.

I absolutely agree that the grinder should be found in preset locations around the world. I dont think it neccesarily has to be in the "big house kitchens", in fact, I think it would be great if their location was actually randomized, and they spawned in pre-set locations around the island. With that said I dont think they would have to be terribly uncommon, the meat grinders of that sort are still pretty common to this day I reccon. It does not have to be rare to force players to move around the maps more, as one would probably make a use of the meat grinder commonly enough, and putting them only into rare locations might just discourage people from using them altogether. 

On 5/4/2021 at 2:31 PM, Omnijack said:

The hand-cranked grinder should be portable, but weigh 10kg.

That I dont think would be a good idea. It does make sense logic-wise. However, if they were accessible only in some areas, it would force players to reconsider their base placement or their usual pathways. That can be quite good for the game, especially for longer games because it supports breaking the "routine", which is often the worst killer in TLD long game. To sum it up, it makes the game less convinient to give you a thing you have to do if you wanna make sausages.

First issue I find with the original idea is that meat is often not found in slices of 1kg. However, this is actually fairly easy to solve! The meat would go through a grinder, time would be spent as per usual with actions, and depending on how much raw meat was there, or if the action was interrupted mid-way, the appropriate amount of ground meat would be obtained. I also believe that a ground meat should have higher spoil rate then usual steak of meat.

The recipe itself could use less meat, or even more, depending on how it is used. I think it could use 1.5 kg per 1 raw gut, which would produce three pieces of it. The weight to calorie would have to be adjusted so it does make sense. I think the calorie value should stay the same as per meat, however, the sausages could be more useful because they would have lower scent value, making it a better travel food. Also, they might provide same caloric value but at lower weight, by a small amount. That said, there should also be a 5% loss of meat amount during the grinding, as the meat does get stuck in th grinder and is subsequently lost. (Sure, can be recovered during cleaning, but hey, it is a game). Obviously, sausages would need pot (and at least non-potable water in it) to be used for cooking sausages. Meat type would have the effect on the meat - aka caloric value, Parasite risk etc. Water would in this case not be used, but it could be combined that a player would cook sausages while the water is boiling for use as a drink. If the water boils out, sausages would be ruined. 

Continuous use of a grinder could lower its durability. It wont break, but after a lot of use, it would have to be cleaned which would be an action that takes a lot of time. Just more immersion things.

Another issue I see might come from "Durability" - how would the game account for % condition of the meat that is used to be ground, how will it change when you turn it into sausages, and how would it change with the cooking. It would not be practical if you couldnt use meats of various conditions because as we all know, condition of raw meat in game can vary a lot per kill depending on how fast you were to harvest it from your prey. I am a fan of an idea that it woudl simply be the middle value. Aka you grind a 1kg of 70% raw meat, 0.5 kg of 90% condition raw meat, and you combine these two together to make the three sausages. If my math is correct, that would be 3 sausages of 76% condition. The sausages woudl be crafted through the crafting menu, and would be raw upon finishing. In order to be eaten and not be counted as raw meat, they would be cooked in a way I described above. Cooking a sausage would give it 50% condition boost the same way cooked meat does when its cooked. You could cook up to 4 sausages at a time in a pot but each sausage would require 0.5 l of at least non potable water. Cooking a sausage would take a set amount of time but as a group. The time would depend on cooking skill as per usual, but I can see how cooking a 1 sausage in 0.5 l of water be quite impossible unless you start off with a non potable water, because with potable one, it would burn out before the sausage was finished. I guess that could mean that a single sausage can be cooked in a recycled can - ideas on that? Baseline cooking time would be 25 mins I reccon. It could also be made 40 which would mean it woudl be impossible to cook a sausage in 0.5l of water, at least 1l woudl be neccesary, thus making it a requirement to use pot as well. 

Went a bit more into detail for the ideas I had for this. I like it though. Lot more variety, this could be a great idea for if Hinterland ever decides to overhaul the cooking again.

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