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Hey, first thanks to the TLD team to have sent us a survey about various plan possibilities after ep5. Since there was no comment field in the survey, I'm writing here my little remarks. I have to say future plans look exciting in many directions they could take, however three topics caught my attention:

  • a potential sequel or another game
  • the additions to the current version of TLD after ep5
  • survival vs story

About a sequel or another game, I think this a major plan for any company, in my opinion this should represent at least 50% of the workforce after ep5. However TLD is a special game in the sense it lasted years with new content and drew countless of loyal supporters, so could hardly end abruptly knowing it can also help fund the development of the sequel. In the survey, several options were presented for a continuation of the current game. I think new maps, mechanics, items, animals, enhanced graphics etc. are all fine, the only one I think is not fine is additional story. Not because I don't like the story mode, I really appreciate it, but because additional story may require a workforce not compatible with working on a sequel in a timely manner, and the main focus in my opinion should be the sequel.

About the survival vs story aspect: I personally enjoy both and would hope to see the same split in a sequel if survival was involved, which I hope. One of the main differences between the two is replayability, strong in survival and much less in story. However have you considered dynamic stories for the sequel? Stories with several paths and random events, this would greatly improve the replayability of the story mode. I am not only talking about small alternate paths like some games are doing, but much more dynamic than this. Changes in execution order, changes driven by events etc. Once the story has been played once, users could even configure in some ways the next story they're going to play. They could enable/disable some main goals, potentially all of them and then we'd have a survival mode. Survival mode being derived from a degraded story mode would be such a satisfying realization in terms of game design!

Last thing, I don't think this was mentioned in the survey, but when the sequel is released and you stop additional content to TLD v1, please make a last update to TLD v1 bringing mods so the game can continue to live through its community.

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