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Can hinterland switch to fox engine? The one metal gear solid 5 uses?

After watching some gameplay videos, there appears to be abundant similarity between tld and mgs5! They both have expansive open world, cliffs are climb able, has wolves(boss companion), and bunch of other stuff I forgot already!!

Don't get me wrong, artistic approach at tld is good and unique, but if it were turned up a notch with photo realistic textures, kickarse effects, lush forests, more complex terrain and silky smooth character animations, game would really take off in pipularity!

Imagine if astrid was modeled after "quiet"? Wow!! Except maybe wear rabbit bra instead of that summer rag she has on in mgs5. Many scenes, humans in that game look very alive! The textures and body movements are so natural-looking!




Edit: Forgot to add, since hinterland has mo-cap equipment, they can also do these animations silki smooth! I can't wait to see that bearskin coat move on the character as he moves or those feathers shake in the wind as you stretch your bow! And that wolfskin coat for weatherwane in the blizzard!

And blizzards? Those could be truly epic! Even more epic than we have now!

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Switching engines isn't an easy task from what I understand. Even switching unity versions can cause problems. There is no way this project will move off unity at this stage. For the next game they make they could go with something else, but AFAIK that fox engine isn't something that anyone else can use legally.

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One thing I'm sure, if they went HD textures and mgs5 level effects, some of us would need to start upgrading stinky old hardware. I dread the day when my gtx460 kicks a bucket. I'd have to pull out my trusty ol'e 9800gt geezer. No way to pick up something decent for anything less than a kidney.

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...as I said, unity is more than capable of stunning visual effects and realism. Unreal does go further in many ways but unless you’re looking for a machine destroying game, unity is more than capable of handling more than what is necessary. Hinterlands went with the art style and effects they did by choice, not limitations.

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