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How about adding one more general spray can marker symbol to apply to all cases in which the player just want's to mark something witch does not fit any of the provided symbols. More often than using one of the provided symbols, I find myself just wanting to generally mark/remember a location on the map that simply isn't described by any of the standard symbols. In order not to confuse myself later with an inaccuarate symbol, I end up rather not using the spray can in such a case. The lack of a general "catch all" symbol diminishes the usefulness of the feature in my opinion.

I suggest a dot or circle as a symbol and the name "Misc" or "General" or "Other" or "?".

Thanks for considering!

Kind regards,


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You are missing the point. I would not be asking this. None of the provided symbols is applicable to simply mark a location for general purpose. I don't want to spam, for example "supplies" symbol where there are no supplies, because I then cannot distiguish locations marked with that symbol where I actually left supplies. This logic aplies analogously with all the other symbols.

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