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Red wagons in middle of Forlorn Muskeg. I was cooking something and heard it's grunts from outside. Pulled the trusty rifle and prepared.

The beast was fooling around near a fallen tree. First shot, then it raised and roared loud. Second shot, then it became to behave in a funny way, kinda disoriented or undecided, pacing back and forth. More 2 pebbles and he fell on snow.

I felt terrified but it was funny at the same time.

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Step 1.  Kill Moose.

Step 2. Yay skin for moose bag

Step 3. Look up and see bear while holding a bunch of moose meat

Step 4. PANIC!!!!!

Step 5. One Shot Bear with Rifle.

Step 5.2. Change pants

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I have killed a lot of them & they have me too!

Most satisfying was yesterday on interloper, as it was a do or die situation.

I had just suffered my first 🐺 struggle (50 days in) at the bottom rope of the Cave Overlook (ML) and could not get back to the Camp Office due to 3 prowling wolves. Blizzard was incoming of course ...

I was in rough shape, 40% health, low temp, no food & sideways snow!  So I cut across the rabbit section & climbed over the slope to the lake to get to fishing hut & stove.

As I come across, I see the bear on the lake ‼️ So I duck into the hut, start a fire to warm up and drink some warm rose hips (for heat). Decision time - I need food - so I can try to fish in freezing temps, which will likely kill me or get the lake cabin but won’t have enough calories to survive the blizzard.

High risk, high reward it is - Flare Gun Bear Hunt!

I can’t depend on a long shot  - so have to creep over, position myself into his path as the wind is coming from behind him and he won’t be able to smell me.

Wait a nerve racking long amount of time, seeing his head get bigger & breathe freezing as he exhales. On and on he comes, I aim ... shoot him directly in the head -> he lights up red and charges right at me ‼️ I’m a goner 😱 but he keeps on going 🙏🏽

I run to the closest cabin and see him running about the lake - glowing red and he dies an hour later near the cabin!

Now have a enough food, a hide and loads of guts 🏆

A day later, in a similar heavy ❄️ his 🐺 friend avenges him and leaves me torn open on the lake, not far from where he fell ... 

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my first bear hunt was in the middle of mystery lake, i was mapping by the island in the center of the lake and could see Mr. bear of in the distance, 'no worry' i thought, 'there's no way he can get over here before i am done' so i proceed to make my charcoal map as i finish i look up to see the bear clamber onto his hind legs  and let out a good ol' roar, any way out comes my rifle with a single bullet in it and i take my shot, and Mr. bear falls dead, now i got the hide guts and meat, the next day i return to retrieve some more meat and a wolfy decided i would make a good lunch, no more me.

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