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IIRC in ARMA ii (and probably iii as well) there was button, which when pressed allowed one to keep walking using leg-controlling buttons, but while the button was pressed, the mouse controlled the head. Ie. I'm able to look around while walking straight, which would be immensely beneficial to orient in space while need not to stop or walk in funny way. It's natural as well: I'm walking there, but I want to look around for potential predators for example, or just to look at scenery.

Should be relatively easy to implement as well, it can be enabled as optionaly enabled function, it's just a kill-switch for mouse changing the walking direction.

Would be also good, if head movement is limited not to be able to look backwards.

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Yes and no. There are a number of built in movement/binding systems in unity. Mouse look and horizontal are pre-programmed for easy coding. 

I’ve never tried writing my own movement code with the mouse, and although possible, could be troublesome. But I don’t have enough experience on that front to form an opinion beyond that.

Only other concern would be some hidden elements in games are tied to a players direction of movement, sound and how it’s interpreted (the visual is just a camera but a physics body is made for the player body to interact with the world) so sound would need to be linked to the camera for proper accuracy. IE, of your body is looking ahead but head is turned right, wolf is growling ahead of you so the sound needs to be coming from the left, not on center. Some npcs might interact differently depending on which direction you’re facing, head turning could change that.

long story short, there are actually potentially a lot of issues with what seems to be a simple visual change, being that very few games utilize this in the FPS genre, I’m guessing there is a lot to it.

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Actually... now that you mention it @odizzido... it may be because the player’s body object is tied to the camera. You get in a vehicle and face forward, the limitations of not being able to turn around may be linked to that lol

It also may be because the want you to have to get into the back seat to see the tasty loot they hide back there 😋

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