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Hi there !

It will be great to have a kind of workshop to play with mods on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. It's really frustrating when I see some interesting mods than should be actually in the original game like the mod to look around when you are inside a car 👍

It should be possible like Bethesda and their game Skyrim did, right?Â đŸ€”


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If I'm not mistaken mod support hasn't been officially added even on PC so those mods are done from third party websites. Which comes with various risks (i.e viruses)

On 3/26/2021 at 5:16 AM, Smiley_Beat said:

It should be possible like Bethesda and their game Skyrim did, right?Â đŸ€”

For Bethesda sure but hinterland is an indie game developer so adding mod support to the game is probably a bit of a challenge for them so I highly doubt we see mods anytime soon if ever. personally I hope they continue developing the game, yes mods would be sweet but I feel like they shouldn't waste time adding support for them until the game is finished after they finish the game then I'm all for it as mods adds infinite replayability after a game is no longer being developed. 

(Fyi I'm on ps4 myself so I know the feeling of seeing a cool mod that you know you can't use) 

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just saw this in another thread and it seems like mod support is planned, unsure if this includes consoles but nonetheless it is planed and it seems they agree with waiting for the game to be fully developed

12 hours ago, Admin said:

We've previously said that working on a system of mod support is something that is a goal for the team. What we would like to have is a way for modders to create mods, and share them and an easy way for players to install them while knowing that installing a mod will not adversely affect their game, or system. That is something we need to figure out on our end, how we want that system to work and our goals with it.

So we agree that allowing players to mod their own games is a goal, at this point without official mod support we are unable to offer any form of technical support on modded games. Thus installing a mod risks not only breaking your game in some way, but also won't get support from our team to fix it. While there are people who know enough to be able to break their game and fix it on their own, a large percentage of players don't have that sort of technical skill.

Thus we do not support, or promote, existing mods on our channels. People have created mods for The Long Dark, we don't stop them from doing that but we don't allow for them to be promoted here. Also another issue is the game is still under active development, and so we may update the game in some way that breaks existing mods without intending to. This has happened in the past.

So we understand that people are anxious to see mods, but we ask everyone to be patient with us while we work things out.


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I mean microsoft has been going towards easier mod handling on their consoles for a while now mostly thanks to Bethesda. In fact the Xbox series X has proper local directory, but once again I've only seen Bethesda and Rockstar titles take any advantage of that feature. They also have mod support in the Microsoft store for p.c. If you didn't know Microsoft just acquired Zenimax so, we will likely see them adopt some of Bethesda's love for modding. Not to mention we already see mods in Minecraft bedrock additions store. In other words it's a very reasonable assumption that we will continue to see increased mod support from Microsoft. As for Sony, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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