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Hey everyone!

My name is aimz.  I’m from the uk. And I just love this game.  

I’m not even a gamer.  

My daughter saw a YouTuber playing this game and asked me to get it for her.  She was struggling to survive for very long and asked me to help. I’m now completely obsessed 😂

I started with a sandbox game. And lasted about 50 days before my first death. Then I decided I would do the episodes. Went through them pretty quickly but didn’t complete all the side missions.

I then worked on the challenges and that definitely helped improve my skills. Managed to complete as the dead sleep in about 9 days which I was pretty chuffed with. What a challenge! 

im now redoing the episodes so I can complete all the side missions too. Just starting episode 3 again this week and literally cannot wait for ep4 to come out. 

I find myself so immersed. The music, the scenery, the idea of a geomagnetic post apocalyptic survival scenario is definitely floating my boat. There is just something about the wilderness and slowness of the game that keeps me occupied for ages. 

thank you hinterland for this game and thank you for having me on the forum. 



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