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One of the recent survey questions was about the approach to narrative. One of the possible answers (that I chose) was the following:


I would like to see the player narrative and the authored narrative be blended in one experience, so that I don't have to choose between STORY and SURVIVAL as two separate "games".

I'd like to share some more thoughts on that.
I played Long Dark a lot before the first story mode episode came out, and I really enjoyed the survival mode experience. I feel that the one thing that makes the survival mode thrilling is that you are alone out there. While I also enjoyed the introduction (prepare for the flight) of the story mode, I never really got hooked on this mode. In story mode, the world was suddenly full of other people, and it wasn't the same thing. Also, I felt that the (fantastic) areas of the game where not utilized to their full potential in story mode.

I've recently finished the game Subnautica, a game where you are left alone in an ocean on a remote planet. The game is mainly focused on exploration. The communication with other characters consists of listening to radio records.
I think the Long Dark developers could take some inspiration from that game, and create a variant of survival mode that has a story with an ending, other than death.  Although at the end you should be able to stay in the world, rather than proceed to end-game.  
For example, the main activity could be to explore the world (while surviving) to find certain important items. Hints of where to go next, to proceed the story, would come from radio's triggered by the auroras.


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