Situationally-aware internal dialog in Survival Mode (or both?)


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Please add some self- and situational-awareness to the dialog system. I love the helpful prompts that the internal dialog provides, but to have your survivor say "I'd lay down right here if I thought I'd ever get up again" while you're inside a building standing right next to a bed is kind of ridiculous. Same goes for saying "I'd give anything for something to drink" while you're carrying 5 liters of water. And "better find shelter", standing right outside a building. And "never been so cold in my life", at 33% of the temperature gauge when you were in hypothermia threat the day before.

I'm sure the community would love the chance to both help figure out the decision trees (if tired and near bed then "Why am I still awake?" or "Time for bed") and possible dialog lines. 

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This is a lot more difficult than you might think. You are talking about spending what would be an enormous amount of time to “correct” the logic of the verbal cues that probably occur more infrequently than almost anything in the game. 
They are there as helpful cues that you are in need of focusing on a specific condition.

To your point, why say “I could lay down anywhere” when you have a bedroll in your inventory?

To program a task like that would really only be worth it at the beginning of development. You’d need to give every sleeping surface a “bed” layer, every enclosure a “building” layer, etc, so you’d have the ability to either use ray tracing or distance to object code. But you’d have to also add in code for obstructions (visibility in blizzards), other line of sight issues, and so on.

There is so much that would need to be worked on and it simply isn’t a feasible task this late in development unless the REALLY want that kind of realism, and there are a hundred other tasks I think could be done before this.

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