Ash Canyon - Stuck Area on Arch Bridge


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Hello folks,

Just wanted to bring this to your attention. When crossing the wooden arch bridge just west of Miner's Folly, there's a couple of ways for your survivor to get stuck. If you don't know which one I mean, here's a picture.


There's a couple ways to get stuck here. If you wander off the planks laid across the centre of the bridge and end up falling onto the round wooden beams, it is very difficult to free yourself.

The second is if you accidentally walk too close to the edge in the spot where the railing is broken. You end up falling onto the bridge's support beams and can move from side to side somewhat, but getting back onto the bridge deck itself is impossible. The only way off is down... and that's probably fatal. (I exited the game before hitting the ground, lol. I'm not planning on losing a survivor to a bug).

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