Expand the improvised clothing options.


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23 hours ago, Veclar said:

Would  be quite helpful in the early days.

This is precisely why I would not be in favor of it.  To me the idea sounds like a player convenience, which I'm generally not in favor of.
I much prefer the challenge that comes from having to search and hunt for what I need to survive.  I think that being able to make a bunch of things from scrap cloth would just feel too cheap and easy.

I love this game for the struggle.

Besides... we do already have a lot of "improvised clothing options."  We just know them better as: Deerskin Boots, Deerskin Pants, Rabbitskin Mitts, Rabbitskin Hat, Wolfskin Coat, Bearskin Coat, and Moose-hide Cloak.  :D

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On 3/23/2021 at 6:32 PM, Veclar said:

and an easy addition.

To be perfectly blunt assertions like this are one of my personal pet peeves. Unless you're a software developer with game development experience on the engine in which the game is designed, never presume something is easy.  It may seem simple, but the best software always does. It looks simple. It takes complex, extremely convoluted problems and makes them easy for the end user.

That said, I would personally appreciate if construction materials were decoupled from the article of clothing itself, allowing you to choose the clothing item to craft, and the material to craft it with.  Wolfskin pants, improvised cloth jacket, bearskin boots, etc.

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