Episode 1: The End Cave...Did I Skip A Part


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I just finished Episode 1, in the cave that transitions you to Episode 2.  However, before the transition I was following the main storyline which said I had to find Lilly's luggage or travel case...something along those lines.  Anyways, I never found it.  I just went into the cave, and then found the exit with the transition scene.  I'm assuming I accidentally skipped something here?  If yes, I'd like to go back and do it correctly.

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1 minute ago, ProsPex said:

Possibly Lilly's trunk? The trunk contains

  Hide contents

good climbing equipment.... especially the boots


You can find the trunk

  Reveal hidden contents

in the rear bedroom of Grey Mother's House


Interesting because I did find all that but the game said the primary goal was only 40% done.  I guess the best way for me to find out is if someone can answer this.  I climbed down the mountain and meetup with Methuselah.  After I talked to him I found a climbing rope which I went up and then found the cave.  Inside the cave I found the exit which led me to episode 2.  I guess the best way to ask is, did I skip anything from what I've described or is that how it's supposed to go?

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Yes, that is the way to go to get to Episode 2. The question I have, is if you actually need Astrid's Hardcase


it is referred to a the end of Episode 2. if it's Lily's trunk then there's nothing important in there except for the map which tells you how to find the cave to bring you to Episode 2.

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pathfinder, i am trin to find a Winterlude video that someone sent me re getting up the mountain, mission 2, to Milton. It is a really good video but i mistakenly lost it and i cannot remember who sent it. Is there any chance you might know of the video and be able to send it? Thanks

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