Solar Power - Possibly an idea for Story Mode/Sandbox


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I was rummaging around in my rl glovebox the other day and had forgotten about my newest camping addition. A portable solar panel/recharger kit

I'm sure many ideas could be put in place for this item in both story and sandbox mode. Mine puts out 7 watts/12 volts and in a pinch, I think it could actually put a decent charge on a good car battery for multiple uses. It has connectors for phones. IPODs and it's own USB battery that has attachments that screw on the end, one being a very bright LED flashlight. There is even a lantern on the website now.

It would be cool and not really have any effect on the game to find one of these and an IPOD where in game it would access a Music subfolder in the TLD game directory and play my own mp3 music that I place in the folder while crafting, cooking etc. If used outdoors it would overide ambient sounds, like wolves and bears. lol

Also a car battery even 3/4 charged over several days could have all kinds of uses. The current in a car battery is pretty significant. It could make a nice use it and leave it item unless you really want to lug around 30 or 40lbs? of lead.

I wouldn't think these would be too common, but I do actually keep mine in my glovebox between camping trips.

I thought it might be worth mentioning.

P.S. I'm not sure if a geomagnetic storm destroys items powered off or not?

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Geomagnetic storm effects can be found on google and on wiki too.

The idea itself is great ofc. but think of something more like this game, for example a dynamo, what you have to physically use to generate power (burning calories in exchange for power).

I know my post is a bit rude, but to make it a bit friendlier here is a simple tip:

Read the AMA advertised in the forums headline, and the posts from 1 year ago, where the actual decision makers used to post on the forum.

You can have more accurate ideas with that information in your hands.

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