Adding Stew/Brew System (Including Bone Stew)

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This is an idea from the survival game, Green Hell, which I will link the specific item below (Once on that wiki, scroll down a bit and it shows the bone brew) and also Green Hell has the system of making stews, which I will also link that below (Scroll down to Soups and Brews once on the wiki):

Now in order to make this item work, we would first need a way to extract bones from animal carcasses. If they added this, I feel that only tools can be used to extract the bones and nothing else (However, maybe once you reach level 5 for harvesting, maybe there can be something unlocked where you can harvest bones without tools). Once you have the bones, then you would need the following items to make the bone brew/stew: An active fire to cook the item, 1-2 bones, some drinkable water, and either a cooking pot or maybe a bowl item can be also added to the game (The bowl item would weigh more than a can but less than the cooking pot, which the bowl would be used to make/store stews). And if the bowl idea is added in the game, maybe a system of stews can also be added (Like rabbit stew, bear stew, multi-meat stew, cattail stew, etc.). How the stews would work is that they would weigh more than just having a chunk of meat/some cattails (As the stew would be in a bowl, have a good amount of water weight, and the weight from the meat/cattails) but in turn have more calories to them.

And possibly, there can be a difference if you cook the stew in a bowl over a cooking pot. For example, cooking the stew in a cooking pot would allow you to make multiple stews at once (As you would be using the whole pot, which you would have to use a lot of water as well), which to make more stew, you would need more ingredients (Water, meat, cattails, etc.). In turn, you would then have a huge cooking pot filled with stew, which you can either keep the stew in the cooking pot or transfer it to some bowls.

Going back to the specific idea of bone brew, you may be wondering "Why?" And the answer is that if you are in a higher difficulty like Stalker or Interloper, you will take all of the calories you can get. With the idea of being able to make bone brew, you will end up being able to get more calories for each animal you hunt, thus making you last longer.

Also, I saw a thread talking about using bones for tools/items, which I will link that below (The reason why I didn't add my idea to there is that the thread talks about using bones for tools/sewing kits while my idea is a whole cooking system for stews and using bones for cooking):



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I feel like this can be a great idea. With regards to the food you're harvesting, I would like to see a higher calorie given for the food. Seeing as in the real world, bone marrow calorie count is incredibly high. Perhaps the devs can offset this imbalance between harvesting and calorie count (make it so that the harvesting costs more calories) to make it so that the marrow isn't as "overpowered" in the calorie dept. Maybe even make it so that at the start of your survival games make the harvesting and reward a calorie deficit so that there's no early game abuse of bone marrow. Instead you'll need to harvest bone marrow more often and like @The Orange Birb said, level 5 for harvesting an actual skill you need to develop to make effective use of what can become another valuable resource from the animals you hunt. 

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15 hours ago, Erocq said:

Perhaps the devs can offset this imbalance between harvesting and calorie count (make it so that the harvesting costs more calories) to make it so that the marrow isn't as "overpowered" in the calorie dept.

Totally agree, when the person harvests the bones, it should take a good amount of time AND also cost a good amount of calories to do (In order to balance getting high calories from bone stew). Of course it would get quicker/cost less calories as your harvesting level increases (As it does for harvesting meat, guts, and hides), which would be another important reason to level up your harvesting skill. And as mentioned above, once someone gets to level 5 harvesting, they could potentially make it where tools are no longer needed to harvest bones.

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5 minutes ago, Admin said:

Merged two Soup threads.

Thanks again! :) 

3 hours ago, JayJay said:

Diffrent Ingredients and meats used could have their own special effects.

That could be interesting, adding certain effects based on what was added to the soup. For example, maybe a multi-meat stew could have an effect of lower calorie drain for a certain amount of time (As, well, it's A LOT of meat you just ate with the stew). I like that idea! :) 

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I'd like to see Soup or Stew as an option. I'm a big fan of expanded crafting opportunities.

I would love to be able to make 2L of soup in a cooking pot, then take 4 empty cans, 4 scrap metal and workbench + tools ------> Craft my own soup tins. It'd give a use for empty cans, whilst also providing portable calories for an expedition.

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