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I wanna talk about the steep terrain mechanic. I like the idea, that you get a sprain ankle or else if you walk on it. And I really like, that its not predictable, like it would be in real life.

But what I dont like is, when it comes to the limits. It's logical that you can't walk up any hill, no matter how steep it is. But I dont like this hard edge, when you try. Like, if there's a wall, that you bump against. The other thing is, that you can easily walk at angles, that should be impossible. You can walk down many hills without getting hurt (except for sprain ankle etc.) and that pretty relyable.

My idea is just to add a slide mechanic. If you are at steep terrain, you just would lose grip and slide down. If you try to walk up a too steep incline, you would just slide down. If you walk down a 80° slope, you just slide down, as you lose grip. That would be a logic consequence and would make players not laugh at the mechanics.

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Easy in concept and inception, but really only in the initial making of the game. 

Setting a slippery surface physic on a surface is easy but you would have to have someone go through the entire game, remap the surface of every high angle edge, AND add in the new code for how sliding effects the chances for in game mechanics like sprains, torn clothing, etc.

A great feature for sure to add realism to the game but I don’t see it being something that would happen in this version. One of those things for TLD 2 😁

I just imagine the player on all fours crawling up those intense angles for more stability, obviously it’s not animated like that, but in my head it works. 

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I wouldnt be sure, if it would need to change the core engine. I can't really know, but some hints are the following: A measurement of how steep terrain is, is already introduced (for showing, if you are on steep terrain). And also, there is an displacement effect for when you're under 5% health. Mix this up, and you could make a slide downwards. I don't really think, that slippy physics would be necessary.

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On 3/22/2021 at 5:29 AM, Cranky said:

Or they could introduce climbing/ice axe. Make it craft only  or a rare find like rifle or ultra rare like moose satchel and crampons.  

Ooh, that would be great! The crampons would be for the feet and the ice picks would be tools like hatchets but to climb. (and requiring more energy to do than climbing a rope)

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