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A while ago, the map drawing mechanic was added to the game. I think it's a really good idea, but practically in the state it is now, not really useful. If you know the maps already, you dont even need it and if you dont, it doesnt really help much, since it's so much work, to draw out the whole map. I think, finding map fragments, like hiking maps in crossroads elegy or something to fill some gaps in your map, but doesnt reveal all the area. Maybe they could give hints to other places, maybe also to places, that are destroyed but werent, when the associated map was created.

I think, a change like this would make the map drawing much more useful und more used overall, as drawing with charcoal would be gap filler instead of the whole thing.

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You get the larger map drawing area from finding the scenic view spots and mapping them, but I agree, just a tiny circle just doesn’t seem helpful/logical.

Bonuses for elevation or line of sight would be helpful. Maybe vague outlines of further areas you can get more detail if you map from another perspective and that kind of thing.

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