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Hey, just read the recent dev blog and am writing this because I'm curious to see if others' thoughts align with my own. I feel like TLD is supposed to feel empty, like that's kind of part of the horror. Therefore, even though the current fauna may not be entirely inclusive of real animals, I don't think it should change all that much. I mean, in game, nature is pitted against humanity, right? So I feel like all of the animals in the world are protected and hidden by these powerful forces. Only the strong go outside these boundaries to protect them, along with their corresponding prey. Whatever the case, I think the game should continue to feel like you are being watched, like there are forces against you that could be anywhere at anytime. I just think that the world should contain the emptiness that is a northern winter, but I'm also not a developer, nor do I represent every player. So, thoughts?

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I wanna see an Elk.   Just to put a twist on the formula, they'd challenge you if you get too close (ala moose behavior), rather then automatically run.  It would cover that gap between deer and predators, where they are common enough to be more attentive of them, but not significantly more dangerous then wolf.   Definitely have the biggest impact on bow hunting before lvl 5. 

Would also be interesting to see an Elk get dicey with a wolf pack before it gets taken down.  Helps drive home they are a tougher prey animal.

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I would love to see more animals. Maybe some mountain lions and wild boar. it would also be nice to have more plants to harvest. Perhaps different spices and herbs you could add while cooking to make recipes with assorted benefits! Although I'm not familiar with Canadian plant life in the winter time.

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