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Hi all... first ever post.

I had an idea for a future challenge... Find the survivor.  Basic concept:

1) you and and npc are both dropped into random locations in TLD world.

2)  you have 'x' number of days to find the survivor before they die.

3) the survivor has a limited number of flares, and every night at a certain time they fire one into the sky.

Apologies if this has already been discussed!

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I love that idea.

Perhaps the story could be that the Survivor went out on a hunting trip, but then a series of unfortunate events (e.g. bear chase and blizzards) caused them to end up somewhere they don't recognize and they summarily got lost in the wilderness. Having no idea of where they are, and perhaps having lost some of their navigational gear (like their compass and maps), they wandered off in some random direction in search of food and shelter. Luckily after a few days they finally did find shelter inside an abandoned building, and in this building was also a lot of supplies. Supplies which they have been using to set up camp and keep themselves fed and healthy. And among these supplies was also a huge stockpile of flares - flares which they have been firing off into the night sky each night in the hopes that someone might see them.

What effects this could have on the gameplay is this: On their way to shelter, they had to make fires along the way to keep themselves warm during the nights. So the player will be able to use these burnt out campfires as a guide of where the Survivor had been, and thus where they might have gone next. And because the Survivor had lost some gear along the way (during the bear chase and the blizzards), the player might perhaps even find a backpack or some random stuff in the region where the Survivor had gotten lost. That would be the first goal during this Challenge - find the Survivor's lost gear to get some clues on where they might have run off to.

PS: If possible, it might be a good idea to rename this forum topic to something like "New challenge idea: Find the lost survivor" to give a better idea of what's discussed inside.

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I do like that idea! 

“I saw a flare go up in the ... region last night. Maybe there’s someone else out there!”


Pair was traveling together and attacked by bear. Player was mauled and looked dead. Player regains consciousness injured and alone. 

“Must have thought I was a goner. We were heading toward ..., they must have gone that way!”

Have med supplies to heal enough, torn clothing, little else. 

Spawn player in random region. Let the search begin! 

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