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Hello Moose heads!

It would be nice to craft Hot-Water Bottles from animals hide to keep the bed warm if fire extinguishes during sleep. We could boil water or melt snow, putting it in the bottle and keep with us while sleeping to maintain a comfortable temperature. It could also be used to ease aches and pain as well as as a thermo bottle to carry hot drinks for a few hours. Anyway, thanks to the devs for this amazing experience. Cheers from France 

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To be honest, I am not a big fan of your idea. Im guessing you mean hide water pouches, as bottles crafted out of animal hides? Those arent that reliable, and would not be a good idea to sleep on. They dont really keep the drinks in them warm, either. Its a method of carrying water when plastic bottle is not an option. 

For keeping drinks warm, I think the game could just have thermo-bottles which could be found as a rare item. 

For keeping a bed warm, there is a method quite common in the past. Stones would be put into a fire, and after a sufficient amount of time they would be placed into a metal container which then would be put under a sheets of a bed, usually somewhere at the legs area. The releasing heat warms up the bed under the sheets, but the stones dont get hot enough to a point where the metal would be so hot to start a fire. Im sure it would damage synthetic fabrics, though, and cause a burn if touched with a skin. I think they were called bedwarmers. Turns out the hot water bottles are used for that same thing, too, so I guess they would make sense. Not skin pouches, though. Whichever method is chosen, I dont think they would have that big of an impact. At most they would add a few °C of "feels like" while sleeping for the time they were warm.

There is also another problem with hot water bottles - people would like to drink them. I think that would make the game a lot easier which is not neccesarily a good thing. And drinking hot water if someone is not used to it can cause upset stomach.  

I agree with your notion that animal hides could have more utility, but I dont think this is the way to go.

But, those are just my opinions on the matter. :)

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