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I was thinking about how much the game changes depending on which weapons you have available and how maybe there could be a different approach somehow, but not sure what.

     Maybe there could be new melee weapons and bear traps, making direct conflict with animals more or less the only way to get the job done and hone in on more in depth wolf behavior once again.

     It would be great if the animals weren't so predictable and wolves behaved in a way where they circled and followed us around, making us unsure of when they were going to strike.

     Idk, just a thought I had.  Again, It would be great to introduce one more element in regards to handling the wildlife as well as a new weather weather pattern or two for the DLC.


If course there are other great ideas also.  That's the great thing about The Long Dark, has unlimited potential I believe.

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I love the idea of bear traps. These would be placeable like Snares, but would be more useful against bigger wildlife. It would still kill rabits, but it could wound and cripple larger animals like deer, wolves, moose and bears. Some would die out within minutes due to blood loss, while others would get away with some injuries. It would take time to set up the trap, so no instantly setting it up in front of a wolf that is charging you. And the trap would have durability that it loses over time and each time it triggers.

I also love the sound of better wolf attacks. They should fight more as a pack, and as you said, circle around you to keep you on edge and unsure of when they'll attack. Perhaps if one wolf sees you it howls to alert the rest of its pack? Or perhaps once it gets wounded its cries of pain alerts the rest? I find it weird that the wolves of a pack are almost always very far away from one another, and they don't alert each other of dangers or food (such as the Player).

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