Revive the cannery!


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Wouldn't the BI Cannery make an ideal place to build a 'settlement'?  Somehow, get the fishing boats going again, repair the machinery, and let us can sardines?  Fire up the radio tower to send signals out to other survivors?

Limitless potential!

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I disagree a bit... I mean, if the point is to re-found civilisation, then yeah, but that's not really this game.

I have a lot of hopes for TLD 2: The TLDening, but we'll see what they actually do with the game.

Coincidentally I'm currently working BI with my long neglected super long save, with the intention of picking up stakes soon-ish and heading up to hit AC.

Lot of things to like about BI... and I can reiterate that once one breaks the timberwolf packs' morale, it stays broken and they don't really pose a threat any more. I have been sneaking about killing them pretty much with impunity.

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4 hours ago, hozz1235 said:

Can't hurt to ask, right? :)

There are so many directions where TLD can go, sometimes I think Hinterland is afraid what they have created! There are literally years worth of ideas to be implemented into the game's future.

No wonder their hiring(banner on their website)

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