New Game Glitch?

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Once the limit of 25 saves was full, I went through and deleted a couple of saves to make room. However, it still says all slots are full. Now, when I try to make a new game and it says to delete some slots, I confirm and go on to delete some more saves; that works. But now the problem is I really don't want to delete the ones I have left lol. I heard of other people having this problem too. I also checked my Wintermute saves; not many there either. Hope someone can find a way to get around this glitch.

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What platform are you on? PC I assume?
Are you saying that you have reached the 25 save slot maximum and cannot save a new game?

If you are on PC, you can manually backup any saves which are saved to:

C:(or whatever drive you have windows installed on)\Users\your windows user name\AppData\Local\Hinterland

To restore a manually backed up save you would have to ensure that you have an open save slot in game (under 25 saves).

That's my take on it anyhow. Good luck and have fun.

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I don't know if this will fix it, but it may refresh the counter, allowing you to add a new save game. C:\Users\<youraccountname>\AppData\Local\Hinterland, and rename the file called "LongDarkNoSync" to something like "LongDarkNoSyncBack". Open the game and check if it worked. If it didn't DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE NAME OF "LongDark" That may cause the game to lose all your other saves. (SIDE NOTE: Do not do this without checking first with others in the community, wait for someone to comment on my post before going through with it) 

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