Radio towers and finding a way home


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I work with radio communication and I always check out the games towers for fun.

Idea for game progression: 

Repair a tower by collecting items from other towers, computers and other material from the Dam and other places. Maybe some book learning and crafting involved.

When the tower is restored you would unlock new areas by communicating with other survivors or someone on the mainland.

What is the goal for our survivor? To live forever alone or to try to get home?

I think it would be a cool feature that would give us some goals in the game and also a logical progression to discover new areas.

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I think it's a great idea! Maybe even make it simulate afflictions like we experience in real life from 5g. Like yesterday I think they were testing some new wavelengths or stronger emit powers and I had headaches and body ache and got something appear on my lower lip by evening. 

They could make it when aurora energizes towers, we would get similar afflictions until aurora ends.

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I like the idea of repairing the towers. I'd really like to be able, to climb up that thing. But I don't really like the idea of communicating with other survivors, at least in survival. The core is, that you are alone. There should be no goal except the ones you set yourself. A compromise I'd be ok with would be that you can communicate with other survivors to find those new regions, but they will always be dead the moment you get there. I don't like that so much either.

Maybe, repairing them will cause wildlife to be not so angry or disoriented all the time, so they aren't much of a danger during aurora.

Maybe they are working (with chance) and you could destroy them (use their parts for other things) so you don't get those afflictions during aurora.

All in all I'd like to have a reason to go up there.

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