Perseverance Mills?

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I would think it’s more likely an area that was possibly going to be included with Milton that they covered up during development because it was going to make the region too large. Or just an area someone used to test some mechanics, art, or something. Or maybe will be opened up as the loading area to PM? Wander down that road and cross the bridge and load PM. Or even could be the transition region like the Ravine.

I am assuming.... but with Unity, each region is likely its own scene. The work being done on PM would be its own scene and not included in the released build for someone to open up the code and wander around in. Unless Hinterlands accidentally checked that box when building a version somewhere...

Just my thoughts from my experience using Unity. Still an awesome find though, these Easter egg hunters never stop amazing me.

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Yep, they didn't expect the Swedish Inquisitor! 😁 I explored the area fully on stream. For now this area is like the other out of bounds areas I've been to in my Odyssey ❤️ - no resources at all (maybe 1-2 misplaced limbs if you can get to under the main area of the region) and some finished, some unfinished 3D artwork that does the job - looks good from afar.

Who knows, they may have planned to unlock this area and still might - for now I think the truck is there to lend point to the times after the catastrophic event. Something caused the truck crash but the road is now cut off and abandoned.

I think that if something connects to this area, it will be unlocked properly and be part of the story - killwalls removed and you won't have to take this path. If that happens, connecting to PV, perhaps via a new region, wouldn't be a dumb guess at all.

Hyped for the Dev Diary on Friday, it has Ep4 progress and maybe, just maybe it will suggest something about this area...?:)

I think it's very unlikely, but not impossible of course.

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   My imagination has formed a mental image of Perseverance Mills.   "Mill" suggests that a river runs though it and "Perseverance" suggests that it is an outpost defiant against a hostile environment.

   For some reason I get the feeling that when Great Bear fell into the final stages of collapse, anyone who could, lit out for the last big town on the island in hopes that there would be safety in numbers.   Maybe PM is where all of the survivors of Great Bear are holding up and our survivor will meet them in the next chapter.  We know that there has to be someone there to receive Jeremiah's message and Astrid, being a doctor must be going to treat someone. 

   My best guess is that when we wander into PM for the first time we will see a community of mostly abandoned buildings with the remaining population huddled together in the center of town, maybe. 

   Maybe the locals will be willing to trade supplies for fish, meat or hides.  EVERYONE needs firewood in the quiet apocalypse.

   I can't wait to see what Raph and DEVs have planned for us, it is going to be very!   :)

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