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I only play interloper and there are a couple of things that I would like to see in the game.

From the start my survivor is already an expert in everything. He/She is a pilot/survivalist/blacksmith/tailor. 
I would like my survivor to lack most skills from the start. I want the skill books to actually unlock new skills, just like in real life.

Example: Reading a archery book unlocks crafting of bows and arrows.

Perhaps adding a book to unlock the items in the forge.

For the crafting of clothes there should also be some progression I think.

Example: only improvised gloves and hat at the first level.Maybe add a poncho you can make from curtains? After reading a book you would unlock crafting with rabbitskins, next book unlock deer and wolf, next book everything else.

As a interloper I would also like the option to make a improvised bedroll/bed thats really crappy but can be used in caves. We already have the snowshelter for outdoor use, so it would be logical if my survivor knew how to lay down something soft to sleep on in a cave.

Also from a realistic point of wiew, why would it be impossible to borrow some clothes from the dead people in the game?

Just somethings that I have thought about.

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Great ideas. The system to unlock specific crafting is already there in story mode, so why not use it in the sandbox? As I play mostly on Stalker, those limitations should not be Interloper-only. Maybe HL can add an option to enable "advanced learning" or something like that.
The sleeping-blanket should be craftable as You suggested but I think, taking clothes from the dead goes to far, balance-wise. There are just too many of them and at the moment You already can find usable clothing searching a body, if You are lucky.

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Exactly, an option for advanced learning. I think it would be a great feature to make the game a little bit more interesting.

Regarding the possibility to take clothes from a dead body could also be toggable in the settings.

And if anyone wonder why I would like that option is simple, I can see that they have clothes.

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