Wolves are now like Houdini?


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Well...this realy left me without words and I forgot to move in game for few seconds,shocked,what happened. :D

I was at Camp Office and was about to step down from terrace of office,when I saw wolf slowly walking towards me,from left side.I stepped down from terrace on right side and slowly walked backward.Wolf noticed me and started running after me.I dropped decoy and slowly walked back.He stopped at my dropped meat and I decided to kill him.I slowly aimed,centring direct between his eyes.But,when rifle did peng,wolf simply...vanished! There was no sound about him,I didn"t see him running away.Nothing.Nada.Niente.He just disspeared from the screen,without any sound or tracks.Like I said,few moments I stood still,asking myself if I`m dreaming,maybe.Then I moved close,where my dropped decoy was on the snow.There were some wolf`s footprints,but they lead only in one direction and they stopped at decoy.There was only one drop of blood,all arround nothing.No footrpints of escaping wolf,no blood tracks.He just like he vanished into air,like Houdini. :lol:

Then I went back to Office and return back out,but still no signs of wolf.No corpse,nothing.

Also I noticed today weird acting of wolves.At least one was weird. :) Again I went out from Camp Office and as soon screen of outside of the Office loaded,I heared barking very close to me.I turned arround and entered the Office,on safe.But,right away I thought I should test my wireless mouse,which I bought today for my laptop.To have better movement controll in game.So,I went out the Office,to test my RMB and LMB fighting with wolf on my new mouse.But,as soon outdoors screen loaded,I heared scared scream and as I turned,I saw wolf running away from me like rocket,lol.And I didn`t wear wolf coat.Crazy dog,lol. Also,when I was crossing lake,I saw a deer on other side,slowly walking.I didn`t have intend to hurt her,so I walked my way.But,just suddenly,deer started to run like crazy and she didn`t stop,till I lost her from my sight.And there was none of wolves near to chase her.And I was too far away from her to sense me.I dunno,maybe it is crazy monday,lol.And also animals in game are acting weird. :lol:

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Ok,guys...now this ain`t no fun anymore.This became very serious bug now and,Jeremy,hope you will be abble to deal with it soon.Coz it seems like with every day passing by,this dissapearing wolves bug is spreading like virus.

I was still on ML map today and arround Mystery Lake area I had three different dissapearings.On lake I shooted wolf and he vanished,just like in my first post in this topic.Next one was across railroad,on other side from Camp Office,where that valley with rabbits is.A wolf barked and started running after deer,but after few moments he dissapeared,whille deer kept running.

Third case was also in that rabbit valley.Wolf attacked me and I chased him away,but whille he was running away from me,he just dissapeared.This time I was prepaired,if something like that may happen,so I ran in that dirrection right away,without applying bandage.In place,where wolf vanished,there also footprints stopped and blood track.

Now,three cases of wolf dissapearing in one day,in two hours real time of playing game,that is for worry about.And,I must emphasize,that none of those dissapeared wolves reapeared back in any other place.

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