Shot my first wolf

Mosey Burns

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Bastard jumped me behind the Quonset Hut as I was about to settle in for a day of crafting. I came to and saw him sauntering away, cocky as hell. This had been about my one hundredth wolf attack, but my first with a revolver in hand. I picked it off the blood-stained ground and staggered after the bastard, swaying and vision blurred. He had stopped on top of a low hill to look at something, confident as hell I was not a threat. Vision still blurred, I aimed real careful, trying to time my shot with the swaying. I squeezed off a shot, and to my surprise the bastard dropped like a sack of potatoes. Now I have three kilograms of wolf meat which will sustain me while I do my crafting. More importantly, I have sent a message to all wolf kind. 

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