Add primitive fire starter craftables.


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Make so you can make primitive fire starter craftables. The most simple and hardest to successfully start a fire say at maybe 10% chance to start a fire. Just have that be 2 sticks or a stick and a piece of cedar. Then have higher levels such as a fire plough with a stick and piece of fir at 20%. Then maybe a bow-drill so 2 sticks, cured gut, and a piece of cedar have that at like 30% chance or so! Just a suggestion I think it would add a bit of extra realism also make so they can get wet so they lose their ability to start a fire in a blizzard maybe.

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I have often failing fires at 90% even. If there's 10-20% chance, you'll never get it going. Edit: besides, we have like a million ways to start a fire already! There's matches, magnifying glass and a firestriker! I don't see how primitive starting would be useful since this was inhabited island and there's enough resources not to worry about it.

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