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Hi, i just started playing challenges, and although I haven’t played all of them, i have read a summary on the wiki. I think these would be different than what we already have and could be change of pace for the game.


Laid to Rest or Mercy Killing: you start in the camp lodge in Mystery Lake and your task is to hunt a number if rabid wolves. Notes and Polaroids can help you find members of the pack, and ammunition caches can allow you to play as you want. You cannot eat the meat as it is infected, and the game ends when you kill all of the infected wolves and bring their hides to the camp office. If you wound a wolf and lose it, it will respawn as a carcass in the “wolf den”.


The Guardian: a tougher version of the survivor rescue in episode 3. In certain maps, you need to rescue random survivors and bring them to a safe spot and treat any afflictions. (Grey mother’s house, camp lodge in BR, farm house in PV, Camp office in ML).


Fool’s gold: you start at either Mackenzie’s plane crash or at a place that will be your exfil point. You play as a crook tasked with stealing as much as you can before a massive storm hits the island. Your goal is to grab as much cash and other valuables as you can and get to your evac point before the storm hits. Cash is an obvious objective, but high condition expensive clothing (expedition parkas), poached animal furs from houses, or special items could be added to the mode for loot (drug packages, jewelry, gold bars, etc). The end goal is to weigh the option of superficial junk vs. your survival( like a can opener vs how much it weighs in cash) . Also, the last day of the mode is a near constant blizzard. Special loot drops can be marked by paint symbols or special lit flares.  The key to getting out with a lot if loot is to not waste too maximize the amount if goods you take in each trip to the drop off location and to not retread old areas too much.

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