Legal locations to start a fire


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You can start a fire inside trees (see screenshot) or also on top of carcasses, for instance on top or glued to the side of rabbit carcasses.


I know, it is not easy to fix legal locations for every single tree. But maybe just add a general minimum distance for allowed fire starting places to objects, like trees and carcasses as a general fix.

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Add to that possibly, we should be able to create fires on concrete or inside all metal containers. Hell, even in a bathtub if you want. But certainly anywhere inside the dam should be okay and in stoves and refrigerators and any barrels or anywhere in the garage since its all concrete and aluminum.

however, they should not be able to be created on the ice as it would crack said ice open. as for the snow, wouldn't a fire melt snow creating a water hole and put itself out? I would say its possible but highly dangerous you could lay down a bedrock of rocks first, then put your fire on top of that. You could get away with such a setup on a wood floor if lucky enough.

emergency housing: if we have a shovel or spare piece of wood to shovel with ... and if the snow drifts are large enough, we could create a makeshift igloo home. In this case you would tunnel into a bank of snow about two feet, and then begin to hollow it out leaving a minimum of one foot thickness of snow for your outer wall. your goal is to try and hit the ground while digging.

here is actually a link for detailed instructions:

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