Suggestion: Wolves should run away on hearing gunshot


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Build v200, PC version: I am currently trying to obtain the Pacifist achievement on stalker difficulty, starting at Mystery Lake. This presumably requires me to not get into any fight with a wolf, since I might stab it and make it bleed out, which would presumably keep me from getting the achievement after 25 days of survival. In this context, I was out of flares and torches, but being pursued by a wolf, I tried to scare it off by shooting the rifle in the air. However, the wolf was completely unimpressed and I ended up fighting it (and consequently, restarting the game). Maybe a wolf should be scared off by gunshot? This is a design decision, of course, but I think it should be legit to try and not necessarily kill a wolf. The bullet goes to waste, so it is not a "cheap shot". Or am I overlooking something? Was the wolf too close already? I think not, as the distance would have sufficed to scare it off with a flare.

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